Repeat Wednesday – Find My Phone App

Apple has a great little app called “Find My Phone”.  Our family has used it successfully to find a phone that was picked up at school “by mistake”.  It was accurate enough to pinpoint the phone in a quadrant of a house – not just within a 10th of a mile.  Amazing.

Tonight I was reminded of another feature.  I don’t know how often you lose your phone, but unfortunately, that is not an uncommon  occurrence for me. Typically I can call it and find it reasonably quickly, but tonight that wasn’t the case.  I had turned it off when we went into church, then left it in silent mode for a play practice afterwards.  When I got home, I set the phone down and got busy with other things.

Fast forward to this evening.  I was heading for bed and realized my phone was not in my pocket.  Since I am currently working a contract job, I don’t have an assigned number, and rely on my cell for communications with my co-workers.  We tried calling, and could tell it was around somewhere, but not where.

My husband suggested that I use the app.  I remembered that I could use it to get a basic idea of what quarter of the house the phone might be in, but had forgotten that the app also allows you to have the remote device make a noise – even if it is currently in silent mode.  Within minutes I was able to find my phone and put it on the charger.

This app can be launched from any other iOS device, or run from a web page.  You just log into the app, and tell it which device you want to find.  The app works on any i-Device that is powered on.  For an iPad or iPod without 3G access, you would also need for it to be on the network to be discoverable.  You can have the remote device make a sound, or display a message with a phone number to call.  If you really don’t know where the device is, you can also do a remote erase of the device.  I highly recommend that anyone who owns an Apple device download and configure this app.  You never know when it will come in handy!